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 Week Of 6/03/17 

   Saterday The 3rd 

smoking weed without coughing

Its much more fun to smoke when you don't have to cough your head off afterwards. Using a bong or other water pipe to cool the smoke is fine but when its not convenient to whip it out and pour in water you might remedy the heat from say, a dry pipe or "one hitter" by tossing two Tic Tacs into your mouth for two minutes before you light up. This will cool the mouth and throat on the inhale making the air cold and refreshing which is the mints job in the first place. You can even use a sore throat lozenge to numb the back of your throat a bit and spit it out. Make sure the packaging says MENTHOL or ANESTHETIC. That will desensitize your throat to reduce coughing. Your lungs might still have something to say. It will even make the smoke taste a bit better.

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